Meet Jo Black


Mistress Jo Black welcomes you to the art of erotic BDSM, fetish discipline and  humiliation. Corporal punishment is all a slave should know. You will be submissive to this superior woman without question.

They say that eyes reveal the inner person, look deep into Mistress Black's eyes you will find them expressive, hypnotic and mysterious. Mistress Jo Black is your femme fatale of the night, erotic and cruel. Uninhibited and she does as she pleases, but be careful what you wish for.

Erotic BDSM

Mistress Jo Black offers sessions to you the submissive for one hour or longer. If you are coming to see me for the first time please allow a little extra time, as I will need to sit with you and discuss your  boundaries and limits. However, I do feel on your first visit you should really book a session for one and a half hours, as I do not like to rush people or be rushed.  Females are welcome as well as males, and couples.

The sessions scenarios can be anything that I enjoy from corporal punishment to fur fetish, step into my vivid imagination. I will become your judge and jury who will sentence you in anyway I wish, once you enter my world.

Session Tributes within My Chambers

1 hour £150

2 hours £300

3 hours £450